Love-Life Review

What Did Your Family Teach You About Love?

By Dr. Jordan / July 8, 2016 /

What did your family teach you about love? Weird question? I don’t think so. Your family of origin, that classroom you spend your childhood in, taught you all kinds of things about life. In this case, I’m particularly interested in what they’ve taught you about your “love life.” Here’s the problem, chances are pretty good…

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Do A ‘Love-Life Review’

By Dr. Jordan / September 22, 2012 /

If you want to increase the chances of finding and sustaining a healthy love relationship, I strongly recommend you review your love-life. I’m calling this exercise a Love-Life Review. By doing a Love-Life Review you’re acknowledging to yourself, first and foremost, that a healthy love relationship isn’t just about finding the right person, at the…

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