Were You Ever Stood Up?

By Dr. Jordan / February 3, 2014 /

Were you ever stood up? You know, you made a date and he or she didn’t show up? What was that about? There is a psychology behind being stood up that requires our attention. We’ll look at this phenomenon from the perspectives of the “person who stands another person up” and the “person who gets…

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The Disposable Marriage

By Dr. Jordan / September 6, 2013 /

Nowadays, most of us have a lot of everything. When something gets used up we throw it away. This simple act has a philosophy of life that comes with it. If something stops working, throw it away, and get another. At one time, when there was less for more people, throwing something away when it…

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Until Death Do Us Part

By Dr. Jordan / February 15, 2013 /

Given our contemporary fascination with ‘dead that moves,’ like walking death, warm corpses, and an assortment of living zombies, I thought it only fitting to write about ‘dead love.’ Paying close attention to the title of this post, you’ll recognize the phrase as an excerpt from traditional marriage vows. The literal meaning is, you’re making…

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10 Bite Size Love Stories

By Dr. Jordan / February 8, 2013 /

Bite Love Stories presents the winning 10 stories. We asked: “What makes love stay alive and grow in relationship?” ……………………… “Every moment keeps love alive. Love always needs to be tended whether it is in an obvious manner or from within. You have to be willing to admit your faults and bare your soul. For…

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Can My Love For A Married Woman Grow?

By Dr. Jordan / November 22, 2012 /

Recently a man asked me, do you think it is possible for a relationship with a married woman to have a ‘happy ending?’ And if so, how can that be achieved? I want to spell out the steps that need to be taken for those of you who are struggling in love with a married woman.…

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You Make Love Hurt Too Much

By Dr. Jordan / November 4, 2012 /

There are people out there, and plenty of them, who are giving their hearts away to somebody who can’t return the love they need. If you’re in this category, this post is for you. Somebody’s got to pay attention to the hurt you’re feeling. This love-life problem usually happens when you fall in love with…

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My Lover Looks At Other People

By Dr. Jordan / October 29, 2012 /

Your lover looks at other attractive people when he or she is with you. The ‘looking’ might be subtle or more obvious to you and other people. Maybe you didn’t care at first. But now it’s starting to bother you. You’ve told yourself that looking is ‘freedom of vision.’ You’ve told yourself that it doesn’t…

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Don’t Stalk Your Lover’s X

By Dr. Jordan / October 14, 2012 /

This post is about a specific instance of love-life stalking. The urge to stalk that I’m talking about occurs when a person takes a lover who is suspected of still being interested in an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife. Before we get specific, let’s talk more generally about stalking. What is it and why do some people…

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My Husband’s Friends

By Dr. Jordan / September 22, 2012 /

You got married or committed to someone, and he or she has a bunch of single friends. Friends who aren’t about to give up one of their own, at least not without a fight. Your husband truly wants to be married but he also likes going out and being with his single friends. Where does…

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Diary of a Serial Monogamist

By Dr. Jordan / April 28, 2012 /

What is a serial monogamist? A single man or woman who enters one love relationship at a time in a committed fashion for a limited period of time. Serial monogamists do not cheat on their lovers. Their commitment problem does not appear in that form. Their commitment issue emerges in relation to how long they…

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