My Abandoning Parent & My Love Life

By Dr. Jordan / August 10, 2020 /

This post is the first in a series of posts that will focus on the type of unhealthy relationship experiences we can all have in life that negatively affect our love lives. The good news is that once you become aware that an experience you’ve had in your life was unhealthy and could be affecting…

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Baby Mother & Baby Father Syndrome

By Dr. Jordan / January 6, 2018 /

What is a “Baby Mother?” The definition is the mother of a child, with the implication that the Father or “Baby Father” is not involved or co-parenting the child. In any article dealing with such a topic, in order to be straightforward, I think it’s important to state my “assumptions” outright from the beginning, so…

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Husbands Who Leave Once The Baby Arrives

By Dr. Jordan / December 17, 2015 /

This post is about the experience of losing your husband after your baby is born. Why does this happen in some marriages? What is the psychology of a man who abandons his wife at the point where she gives birth to their child? This is not a pretty love life issue and there are real…

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