sex and love

Madonnas & Whores: Unrealistic Depictions

By Dr. Jordan / May 11, 2013 /

                    What is the Madonna-Whore Syndrome and is this still relevant to our love lives in the 21st century? A man came to see me the other day. He complained that he was in love with two women. One woman he had a child with and…

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Curing The Sexless Marriage: Part 1

By Dr. Jordan / February 17, 2013 /

If there is ‘love’ in your relationship, chances are there are ‘cures’ for the absence of sex. The question is which of the cures will reignite the passion in your relationship. In most sexless marriages, there was passion, at least at the beginning, and it was allowed to ‘cool.’ The objective now is to bring…

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Does Pornography Affect My Love-Life?

By Dr. Jordan / November 13, 2012 /

So you’re using pornography on a regular basis to masturbate and you want to know whether this practice negatively affects your love-life? Let’s answer this question with a brief discussion about pornography and what it ‘teaches’ the person who uses it on a regular basis. You can then decide for yourself. Your interest in sex…

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Are You Over-Sexed or Under-Sexed?

By Dr. Jordan / October 23, 2012 /

How sexually active you are is not just a matter of biology. It has a lot to do with how you were taught to relate to your own sexuality as well as what you believe about sex. In this post I will explore the psychology of both extremes, over-sexed and under-sexed, with the assumption being…

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