Are You An Approval Seeker?

By Dr. Jordan / July 24, 2013 /

Are you a chronic approval seeker in your love life? If so, I recommend you read this post. Approval seeking can result in a substantial amount of love life disappointment, simply because you are asking for something no one else can give you. You are asking for something only you can give you. Think of…

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Need Someone To Feel Good About You?

By Dr. Jordan / June 20, 2013 /

Do you need someone to love to feel good about you? On the surface of this question, your reaction might be to say, of course when I have someone to love I feel better about myself. If you take a little deeper look into the implications of this question, you’ll find the problem of love…

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‘Needy’ in Love?

By Dr. Jordan / June 3, 2013 /

What is this state of mind we call ‘needy?’ First and foremost, it’s a human thing and we all know what it’s like to be temporarily needy. The ‘y’ on the end of the word ‘need,’ however, adds some extras to the word that require understanding. At this point in time, the word ‘needy’ tends…

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Do You Love You?

By Dr. Jordan / April 14, 2013 /

One of the most important precursors of a healthy love life is how you feel about you. Think of it this way, how you feel about and treat yourself will have lots to do with how you feel about and treat someone you love, and just as important, what you accept as treatment from him…

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Love-Life Tip: Be Yourself In Love

By Dr. Jordan / May 24, 2012 /

I’m sure you’ve heard this tired old expression more than once, “be yourself!” It’s the advice we usually give each other when one of us is trying to be something or someone other than who we really are. Unfortunately it is common for a person to try to solve life’s problems by taking on a…

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Love-Life Tip: Your Feeling About You

By Dr. Jordan / May 2, 2012 /

Here’s a guarantee at a time when guarantees are rare: change how you feel about you and your love-life will get better. Love-life defined as love in your interpersonal life whether it be in romance, friendship, family, or simply how you feel about people. The point is love has an affinity for positive self-esteem. Now you…

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Weight & Your Love Life

By Dr. Jordan / April 25, 2012 /

Before I get into the problems weight can create in someone’s love-life I want to register a personal opinion. I’ve met a few well adjusted heavy people over the years and continue to do so. These beautiful people are heavy and it has become part of a personality they wear as well as anyone else’s.…

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