leaving a relationship

He Lives With The Mother of His Children

By Dr. Jordan / September 30, 2013 /

Imagine being in love with a person who has chosen to live with the mother of his kids, only because he wants to be in his children’s lives growing up. No he doesn’t love their mother, at least not admittedly, even though she might be trying to love him. You know he loves you, however…

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A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime

By Dr. Jordan / June 19, 2013 /

I sat with a single woman the other day who used the phrase, ‘A reason, a season, a lifetime’ to refer to the different categories of men she was meeting. I had never heard the phrase before. She explained that the eligible people she was meeting always fall into one of the three categories. People…

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Leaving An Abusive Relationship

By Dr. Jordan / March 17, 2013 /

This post is about breaking up with someone who is being abusive. In a previous post, Am I Being Abused In My Love-Life, we learned that there are several types of relationship abuse: verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, and financial. If you decide to leave a relationship when one or more of these abuses are occurring, it’s important to…

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Loving Again After Losing A Lover

By Dr. Jordan / January 10, 2013 /

The love-life rule is, you have to heal your heart before you can love again. You might try to get around this. Chances are you’ll get stuck with a chronically broken heart. This is not good. It will remain as a barrier in your love-life. Why is this true? This is the way we humans are…

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Mind of a Stalker

By Dr. Jordan / December 9, 2012 /

The definition of a stalker is: a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention. Understandably, the emphasis in this definition is on the ‘victim’ of stalking. In this post, however, we will try to understand the stalker’s mind. There are two kinds of people who ‘stalk.’ There is the stalker who has…

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Very Long Marital Separations

By Dr. Jordan / July 18, 2012 /

Here’s the situation, you were married, now you’re separated. Problem is, you’ve been separated for a while, a long while, maybe several years or even many years. Why would two people stay technically married but separated for so long? These are some of the superficial reasons people tell me. It cost too much to divorce. OK,…

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