love triangle

Are You Stuck On Someone Who Is Married?

By Dr. Jordan / October 14, 2013 /

For those of you who are “stuck” in a love triangle (you, married lover and his or her spouse), I have an online course for you! It’s called “What To Do If You Are In Love With A Married Person.” You can register for it here at my website: This particular class was inspired by…

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Love Triangle…Love Quadrangle?

By Dr. Jordan / February 26, 2013 /

Ready for a little ‘love geometry’ lesson? You’ve heard of a ‘love triangle,’ right? That’s when A is married to B and B has an affair with C. You’ve got a triangle. A is connected to B connected to C. OK. Let’s add another person to make this a quadrangle (square). A is married to…

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