leaving home

What Happens When Your Kids Leave Home?

By Dr. Jordan / March 9, 2013 /

What happens when your kids leave home? Ever heard of the ’empty nest syndrome?’ It goes something like this, you fall in love, have a few kids, they leave home, and now it’s ‘just the two of you.’ The problem is in the phrase ‘just the two of you.’ The feeling is emptiness or so…

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My Possessive Mother

By Dr. Jordan / November 29, 2012 /

I love my mother like most people. But she has not always been good for my love-life. I now realize that ‘mothers’ are often the primary cause of difficulties in the love-lives of their adult children. How and why? The evolution of a person’s love-life from childhood into adulthood requires both attachments and separations. To…

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My Father-in-Law Controls My Marriage

By Dr. Jordan / September 7, 2012 /

Here’s the love-life problem: you get married to a person whose father ‘controls’ her or him. Now this is common in a ‘guy marries girl who hasn’t separated from her family of origin’ scenario. But the gender is not the important part. The fact that the person you love is not yet free, is. OK,…

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